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Marketing Team Integration.

Integration - Breaking down silos

When I say integration, I’m not actually talking about data integration, which is really contained in the Big Data trend, above.  I’m talking about the trend in marketing departments to break down the silos between groups, and creating cross-functional teams that market to specific audiences. Bringing together multi-functional marketing teams, sales, technology, and product teams, and including legal, HR and other support functions as part of on-going marketing programs. CMOs are beginning to think this way, and they are going to be tasked with becoming the true strategic, business thinkers – to drive the business. A good read from Booz&Co: Another good read: and some are prognosticating that CMOs in the coming year(s) will actually start to have bigger technology budgets than the CIOs, possibly much to the CIOs’ chagrin ( . One of our CMO clients is in the process of hiring developers to take full control of their online presence from their technology group.[hr]

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